Monday, 22 May 2017

Army Showcase - Elysian Drop Troops 2017

Along with my beloved Kriegy Boys my Elysians also flew the nest. They were fortunate enough to have a fleet of flyers and an armed escort to travel with though.

I put this army together during 5th edition 40K. I tried them out a few times in 6th edition but it just wasn't the same! And the moans and groans of your opponent when you turn up with 6 outflanking flyers wore a bit thin as well...Sadly they got relegated to the display cabinet for the last years of their time with me, but they gave me many many fun and victorious games in 5th edition 40K! There is actually a Tarous Assault vehicle, a Company Command Squad and a Scanner Squad to add to this showcase, but i have mislaid them in the move (or they have disserted!) Never mind.

So here they are for the last time, flying away victorious into the distance!

The GunGrave

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