Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Guardians of the Emperor - First Custodes Squad Complete!

I made quite a few leaps since my last Custodes post, getting the full squad assembled and painted! These guys are quite challenging to paint, needing quite a lot of time to get each one done. I painted each one individually as batch painting these guys would've been a bit of a crushing task!! I also think painting them individually is quite 'fluffy' as each Custodian is said to have their training personally overseen by the Emperor.

In all I'm very happy with this squad! There are a few things ill change for next time. I need to make the red's pop a little more, so some more push on the contrast will be good. I also think i over cooked the final white glaze on the guardian spear, so they'll be a little less of that next time. I did use a purple wash selectively in the recesses to help deepen the shadows which i think worked quite well.

The 10,000 are well underway. Still a way off 10,000 but hey ho! more soon!

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