Monday, 24 April 2017

Infinity - Alleph Machaon

The completion of Machaon brings my first incarnation of my Steel Phalanx force to a very close completion. I have to say, this has got to be in the top 3 models that i've enjoyed painting! I feel like i made a few 'painting leaps' when painting this model. I feel like i was able to push the contrast beyond my usual limit which has helped make the details and shades pop more (with the help of Kahuna - "more contrast...more, no MORE"!). Let me know what you think!

The GunGrave

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Autilon Skorr of the Alpha Legion

The latest addition to the forces of the Hydra! As Skorr was an event only model i've had him laying around for some time (Horus Herey Weekender 2015 i think...) Now i'm building the Alpha Legion force, i could finally bust him out and get him painted.

I tried to better shade the metalics on this model without killing the tone of the pearlescent Teal armour. I tried out oil washes on Skorr, something i've used extensively in the past on my vehicles. I used some Burnt Umber wash on the golds, and some Lamp black on the metalics. I also gave the teal armour a pass with ther lamp black to try and deepen the shadows. Did it work? I'll let you decide!

Skorr is also known as the Hydra's Headsman. While i was doing the base i thought i would hint at this by adding a few helmets to the base, some of Skorrs latest victims! I stopped short of adding blood splatter and gore - its not a World Eater model!!

The detailing on Skorr really makes him pop and stand out. Lots of imagry of death with snakes and hyrda's coiling around it, brilliant!

More soon!

The GunGrave

Monday, 10 April 2017

Painting Frenzy!

Well March has ended up being a productive month for me. At least by my standards. With an upcoming tournament in May I've had to do my version of speed painting. I managed to completely finish 8 models, more than doubling my normal amount. That's the entire 500 Pts starter set done leaving me with the 150 pts sideboard to do in April. It's only 2 models but with work and half term April is a very busy month so I'm not sure I'll get to them this month, but I'm going to try my best as I have other projects to complete in May.

On the Table

So i have a frustrating amount of un-finished mini's at the moment, but i do have a few things linned up!

Mr Alpha Legion himself, Armillus Dynat! I have to admit, positioning his arms was a huge pain! I'm looking forward to working on him. But first...

Autilon Skorr! The Alpha Legions headsman is next on the painting block to give me a suitable warm up for Dynat. I'm planning to mess around a bit with oil paints on this mini, mainly to try and enhance the shadding against the two tone paint i use on the Alpha's.

Less of a WIP but more of a 'just need to buy some bases'! This is another Infinity Myrmidon with Chain Rifle for my budding Aleph Steel Phalanx force.

Machaon is also completed and destined for service in the Steel Phalanx! Once i get my bases from Antenocitis Workshop i'll get them finihsed off properly and better pictures taken.

In other news i've bought myself a copy of Dropfleet commander from the awesome Hawk Wargames! I've had my eye on this game for a very long time (didn't get on the kickstarter bandwagon unfortunately) and now finally had a chance to pick up a copy. I'll be doing an unboxing a review of it when it arrives, hopefully this week.

The GunGrave

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Welcome to Infinitus Bellum!

Welcome reader, to Infinitus Bellum, a new collaborative hobby blog!

There are currently three contributors to the blog, all who you'll meet in a moment. The blog was born from a desire to share our collective hobby projects and experiences, and to share ideas with the wider hobby community. Between us we cover a range of systems, like 40K/30K, Infinity, Dark Age, X-Wing, Bushido, and more!

So who will you be reading about? Its time to meet the guys and some examples of their work!


Hi folks, i go by the forum names Kahunadave or Kahuna and i'm a self confessed game whore!I feel much better admitting it out loud! Its the first step i'm told. You will see my main focus will be on Infinity and it's where i put the most effort in regards to my painting. You will see me paint other figures for a lot of other game systems as well!


Well start at the start, I have been a hobbies for 18+ years. Like most started out in the GW range, 40k and Warhammer Fantasy (and back when they did all the great range of specialist games which are now staring to get re-runs, yay).

That was my core hobby input till about 12-13 years ago when other ranges like Rackham's Confrontation came to the forefront (wow other companies do great sculpts too.) Since then it's hard not to look out on the web and find a new game coming to life, usually via the likes of Kickstarter, which is very dangerous to those impulse buyers with low willpower when it comes to great sculpts (I am one of those).

So for the present my "core" games are Infinity, Warmahordes and Malifaux, with others like bushido, Wrath of Kings and Relics also in the mix. The downside to all these great games, along with all the new enticements that make their way into the collection of games, I am also not a one faction guy so there is always more unpainted stuff left awaiting attention. Variety is great!

So far in the gallery are a range that have been painted both past and more recent. My painting goals now usually determined by what is the next upcoming event. March therefore has been mostly Infinity (Onyx) as preparation for the UK Games Expo, and some Skorne for a recent Warmahordes event at Worcester Wargames.

My hope for this blog being that others are inspired to get painting. I am by no means an expert on this subject, I am brush only, no cool stuff like air brushing. At the end of it all it's about being happy with what you have done, and as the old saying goes, practice makes your back ache!!

The GunGrave

Hi all! I've been war gaming in one form or another since i was a kid (arguably still am!!) The bulk of my hobby life has been spent painting, collecting and playing Games Workshop systems such as 40K,  Horus Heresy, and Battlefleet Gothic. Its only in the last 2 years or so that i have branched out into other game systems (largely due to Kahuna and Lukes help!) I concentrate on 30K Heresy and Infinity with the occasional game of X-Wing in there with the Misses.

I'm pretty excited about the potential Battle Fleet Gothic revamp, and also the upcoming re-launch of Epic (or whatever it'll be known as!) I've also got my eye on Dropfleet Commander and the super sweet models they've got!

I've recently started participating in Infinity tournaments which I've been enjoying. At heart though i'm more a painter than a player - which is the perfect excuse for loosing all the time!!

Below is some of my recent work, which you may have seen on my personal blog A Guardsmans Guide to Glory, which i will be posting on along with Infinitus Bellum.

That's the team! Make sure you add us to your blogroll and look out for tonnes of great content coming soon!

The GunGrave